Since 1984, Ogden Associates has served more than 100 clients in over 30 industries. Members of the firm's professional staff are well qualified in complementary disciplines which include finance, accounting, research, and computer literacy.

Research includes access to credit information through the nation's primary agencies and all filed securities and exchange commission materials.

National and regional sources of capital are kept up to date in a comprehensive professional database that include:
  • Banks
  • Alternative Source Lenders
  • Institutional Mezzanine Sources
  • Venture Capital Firms
  • Acquisition Companies
  • Private Investors (accredited)

In the capital-raising arena, the firm works with a client to define capital needs, creates sales and communication documents, and designs a comprehensive marketing plan.

Execution of the plan then attracts the desired capital at the best market rates available. Marketing plans involve company presentations (show and tell) at home and on the road.